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Admission Process

Becoming a JCVA Student:

  • Applications are available during enrollment periods.
  • Applications are entered into a database and saved until applications have been approved or denied.
  • Applicants should remain enrolled at their current school until contacted about the review results.
  • An enrollment review committee will examine all submitted applications and decide whether the student meets the criteria for enrollment.
  • Once an application has been approved, an email is sent to the applicant. The email will contain information about enrollment and orientation.
  • Orientation will be conducted in person or online. New students and at least one parent/ guardian is required to participate in one orientation.
  • Failure to participate in orientation may result in an incomplete application and the student will not be enrolled for the upcoming school year.

Admission Criteria

An application does not guarantee acceptance. JCVA will have at least one enrollment period per year. JCVA does not enroll students outside of the open enrollment period.

The following factors are taken into consideration when reviewing applicants:

  • Attendance: A record of poor attendance indicates poor performance at JCVA.
  • Grades: Poor grades indicate that students will struggle with a more independent learning environment.
  • Technology Survey: Students with answers on the technology survey that indicate a low level of knowledge of technology generally has a tough time succeeding at JCVA.
  • Low Credits: Since JCVA does not typically offer summer school, nor does it have any accelerated paths to earn credits; students who are behind on credits are generally not accepted.

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